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After a buzz filled year, which included a nod from MTV, performing at the Boston Garden, and teaming up with producer, Bleu, Air Traffic Controller released their debut, The One.

ATC began when Dave Munro was overseas, serving in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller, sending home songs he'd recorded on his 4-track. "Making music, at that time, was merely a way of coping with homesickness and a long distance relationship," says Munro of his Navy days.

Upon completing his enlistment, Munro returned home to a surprising number of fans in Boston and immediately began constructing a recording studio with his brother, drummer, Rich. As the songs trickled out, an acoustic demo of "Don't Tell Me What To Do" reached one of Munro's favorite musical artists, Bleu, who signed on as producer for a full-length debut.


released April 6, 2010

THE ONE Produced & Mixed by Bleu

Engineered by Ducky Carlisle

Recorded at Ice Station Zebra, Medford, MA


all rights reserved



Air Traffic Controller Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Don't Tell Me What To Do
Don’t you tell me what to do
when you know where I’d rather be.
The only one I answer to,
that person isn’t you; that person is me.

Don’t try to make me feel bad.
Oh yeah that might’ve worked before
but I’m not falling for your act;
no I don’t need none of that.
I’m just looking for the door.

And you tell me all along that you like me,
but I’m starting to wonder,
cause you never seem to want to be beside me when I’m having my fun.

Don’t you tell me what to do,
and more importantly,
don’t tell me what I shouldn’t do.
No need to say to me
what you would do if it was you,
cause I never asked for your sophisticated point of view.

And don’t you look at me like that.
I’m doing everything I can
to keep my identity intact,
I may be sounding like an ass,
but I’m just behaving like a man.

Why do you tell me all along that you need me,
cause I’m starting to wonder?
I bet you’re wishing someone else
would supersede me
while I’m out having my fun.

Your heart has a mind of its own
and you ain’t learning a damn thing lately.

So just get out, just get out
while you still have a chance.
You’ll find someone you love completely.
Cause your heart has a mind of its own
and you ain’t learning a damn thing.

You told me all along you adore me,
still I continue to wonder,
cause all you ever seem to do is ignore me
when I’m having such fun.
Track Name: The One
Left once, left twice,
left me 3 times it’s just not right.
Well I’m gone this time, movin on this time,
to find someone, while I’m still young.

Do you think I’m singing
cause I got a knack for singin, honey?
I don’t really have a good voice.

Do you think I’m writing
cause everybody loves to write you know?
I don’t think I ever had a choice.

Shit just happens sometimes,
I put it down and it rhymes,
and I can’t turn away from the sound of this.

Something’s affecting me,
something nobody else can see,
not even the person who I’m singin about.

The One I loved, the one I hated, The One I just appreciated;
can you hear me reaching toward you
in this song I wrote it for you
cause you’re The One?

Did you see me leavin
so I could get away from everyone?
You know I never wished to be alone.

Waiting on a holiday
so I can see familiar faces and have
better conversations on the phone;

but this is what I come to,
thoughts that I might just lose you,
and that just scared me more
than anything I’ve been scared of before
and it’s affecting me in ways nobody else can see;
not even the girl who I’m singing about


Does it suck? Is it great? Do you think it’s just ok?
Well I am not here to get paid,
I just had something to say
to The One,

Left once, left twice,
left me 3 times, it’s just not right.
There was a part of me that still believed you,
but I was crazy cause you must not be…
Track Name: Bad Axe, MI
I met a man from Bad Axe, Michigan.
He had a drummer who was also from Bad Axe.
They came over to Boston
when they heard that’s where, the music is;
and got an apartment where all their friends could hang around or live.

They stayed a while; they played their songs.
They gave us lots of hope like nothing could go wrong.
They cut a demo; it just made sense.
It’s plain good rock & roll with Beatles influence.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, and if Bad Axe was here,
well they’d turn this mutha out.
Yeah, everyone would cheer,
and everyone would shout,

“one more song, one more song,
and go where you belong,
but don’t forget now where you came from;
don’t forget where you have been.”

You boys are from Bad Axe, MI.

Started a family, now times are tough.
It seems we songwriters, we’re never make enough.
So he’s off to Nashville; he’s tired of this.
Maybe this Boston music scene was just a myth.
Track Name: You Think You Know
Falling apart, at the seams
cause you’ve given up on all your dreams.
Have you had a look at yourself;
did you take the easy way out?

Or did you get lost along the way,
and give in to everything you hate?
Settling down before you’re up,
are you gonna finish what you started?

You think you know,
but you have no idea what you have,
you think you know
but you have no idea.

Falling in love at such a young age;
do you think that that was a mistake?
Didn’t it make you who you are today?
Broken your heart playing the games
and you want to hide with someone safe,
keeping in mind, what if they leave me?


You live a life of a million possibilities
and you never try to be whatever you wanted to be.
You think you know but you have no idea.

Have you had a look at yourself?
Did you take the easy way out?
Have you had a look at yourself?
Did you take the easy way out?

You think that life’s such a big responsibility,
so you never tried to be, …
what was it you wanted to be?
You think you know but you have no idea what you have…
Track Name: Can't Let Go
I saw a car that looked just like yours;
a silver hatchback with a dent in the door,
and I followed it around the block.

It started taking a familiar route
and I was thinking this has got to be you,
so I was hoping maybe we could talk.

Can’t let go and I,
I should know that I would screw it up from the very beginning.
If you’re the one then I
can’t let you run away.

We ended up in a high-speed chase.
The tinted windows were hiding your face
when I drove up beside you.

You probably think that I’ve lost my head,
stopping at the green lights and running the reds but I,
I’m not gonna lose you again.

'Cause I


No we can’t keep driving like this
because one of us is gonna end up dead in a ditch
and I, I’m not trying to kill you.

We both pulled over to the side of the road,
but a man jumped out and popped me in the nose
and I started rolling up my window;

but he ran over to the passenger side,
grabbed me by the shirt and he punched me in the eye
and I, I had to apologize.

I said “Please let go cause I, I should have known
that I was screwing up from the very beginning.
I thought you were someone and I
couldn’t let you run away, no no”.
Track Name: This Road
This Road has seen much more than me.
It’s not a highway, or a driveway, or a street.
This road was built way back in the 70’s.
It was one lane and was widened to three.

And everybody takes this road
to get into the city.
And everybody takes this road
to get out.
And we don’t have to pay the toll,
so why don’t you come with me,
and I’ll take you anywhere it goes.

This road has seen you stop
and go through the traffic
that you sat in for hours.
This road can see your mind
when it’s wandering,
and the secrets never leave your car.


This has seen you crying.
This road has taken lives.
Is there a passenger beside you?
Well they're on a mystery ride.

And if the sun refuses to shine,
well you can make your headlights brighter,
but don’t you pull over,
and don’t you get off this road.
Track Name: Rain Song
Somebody told me that love is supposed to be all kinds of work,
but you’re makin’ it easy, makin’ it easy, makin’ it easy on me.
And somebody told me that all the beautiful girls end up with the jerks,
well must’ve got lucky, must’ve got lucky, must’ve got lucky this time.

Somebody told me “You better look hard to find the right woman”.
I had her in front of me, had her in front of me, had her in front of me now she’s mine. Somebody told me that everyone settles and nobody’s perfect.
I think that you could be, think that you could be, you’re certainly perfect for me.

Cause you can make the sun appear, but would you make it go away,
cause I am fine just lying right here wishing it would rain all day.

Never, never have I ever, made a wish for nasty weather
until I started hanging with you girl; cause I’ve been working on the rooftop,
and sometimes we don’t stop working til the night is though.

But I guess the job is pretty nice; I can look across the city lights and think of all the things I wanna sing to you.
It’s just another lonely night for workin up an appetite for making love
and hoping I get back to you soon.


If the rain comes down on me outside (If we get rained on),
maybe there’s a chance that I could see you tonight,
cause when the clouds roll in, it begins to pour (we can’t get the job done)
we’re packing up our things and we ain’t workin no more.
If the rain comes down on me outside (If we get rained on)
maybe there’s a chance that I could see you tonight,
yeah if the rain comes down on poor ol’ me oh my! (If we get rain)

Somebody told me, “It’s like you got yourself a girl that you always wanna sing about, and you make it look easy, you make it look easy, you make it look easy for you.”
I said “Nobody told me how I’d find a girl that I love everything about.
She’s everything that I want, everything that I want, everything that I wanted
and I never knew.
Track Name: Foot Of The Bed
What a gal, becoming my best pal.
Thought by now she’d be throwing in the towel,
but that’s not her style.

She’s what Cat Stevens calls a Hard Headed Woman,
and I bet she gets it from her sisters, or her mother.
How I love waking up with her when the Morning Has Broken.

She’s puttin’ on a show at the foot of the bed,
and I wonder, does she know what’s going on in my head
as she’s getting dressed.

She’s just doing what she does,
just because it’s getting late,
but I have nowhere else to be today.
What do I say? Nothing.

Her reflection ignores my affection.
Too proud for beggin’ for sex when she just checks her hair and complexion,
I’m playing dead.

And she’s still putting on the show at the foot of the bed
and doesn’t even know what’s going on in my head
as she’s getting dressed.

She’s just doing what she does,
just because it’s getting late,
but I have nowhere else to be today.
What do I say?

Do I turn my head, watch TV, make pretend that I don’t see
what she’s pulling up around her knees,
over her head, and through her sleeves.

My compliments, she disagrees.
I shake my head, but I am pleased
as she performs another tease in reverse,
unknowingly, that it was for me.
Track Name: More, More, More
I want love; all I get is tired.
You’ve got something that can fuel this fire;
cause I’ve seen you burn, oh we’d be up all night.
If you’d just return we wouldn’t have this fight anymore; cause I want more.
I want more, more, more, more, more, more, more, of your love.

We had sparks, passion, and desire
in the bedroom, in the kitchen,
and on that living room recliner.

Yeah, we were once the hottest people,
in this whole damn town,
but I’m not going to the chapel,
‘til this love comes around once more;
cause I want more.
I want more, more, more, more, more, more, more, of your love.
We’ve been at it for a couple of years;
and babe, I think we’re in trouble here, but I still love you;
maybe I need you. Tell me baby, that you feel the same,
and we just haven’t had the time to play.
Tell me you want me; oh can you feel me?
Track Name: God Has A Plan
Does God have a plan for me?
He doesn’t want me underwater trapped inside a submarine.
He wants me flying high above the trees.
He wants me up in front of crowds singing songs of freedom.

I don’t know what he thinks of me,
living life this way, honestly.
I could try to do more but I don’t wanna fake it;
I would rather shake it, and run around naked.

Does God have a plan for me,
and do I have to go to church or can I watch it on TV?
Why do we talk about him when we sneeze,
and why is everybody praying only when they need things?

I’m not sure what’s in store for me,
but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to wait around to see.
Do I live this dream or save it for my next life?
I should drive a fast car; I could have a sex life.

I’m not sure should I ignore these things;
should I figure out my fate before it brings me forward
into my life unknown, unlived, untold, unsung?
I’ve grown so much, so far, so good, without my life yet understood.
Track Name: Brightest Moon
The brightest moon hanging over me,
someday soon I hope you see.
Cold night in June, no one next to me,
but the white balloon above the trees.

If I’m gone by morning you will know
the brightest moon won’t let me go;
but if by dawn, I’m resting in your bed,
the brightest moon has led me home.

Blanket of light covering the streets,
there’s no one on this road, but me.
I tried to fight it but I, I couldn’t keep my eyes
from wondering over hills and over mountains.


Moon… moon… moon… moon.

Brightest moon hanging over me,
such a sweet discovery
like snow in the shade in the month of May,
or realizing anyone can take your place
if you disappeared or went away,
start another life in a brand new place.

World seems bigger,
only trying to figure,
what else is gonna come my way.
Track Name: Test 1,2
This is just a test, a test to see if we can make it last.
We never had to separate for such a long time, you and I.
I’m talkin’ bout a test and I’m hoping that we don’t get too depressed,
cause what if one of us becomes a total mess from all the loneliness.

It’s just a test, test 1, 2, 3, baby I’m missin’ you.
Tell me are you missin’ me?
Cause it hasn’t been a long time;
girl, I already wish you were by my side.

This is just a test where I’m finding out
just how much happiness
is missing from my life
when I don’t have you next to me, every day of the week;
cause honey you’re the best, and I’m sorry if I had to take test,
but I’m finally getting’ all of this off of my chest,
what I already knew, more or less.


Driving on a highway under the gray clouds.
Sky opens up to blue
and I wonder if you can see it too.

Sun peeking out ahead of us,
gonna help us find our way
out of the gray, out of the rain.
What do you say?

Woah oh oh things they will get better
you just calm yourself.
I’ll be here with you; you don’t need anybody else.
I can make you happy, honey you can do the same.
When everything goes wrong we can find someone else to blame.

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